Phorum FAQ

Maurice Makaay

Brian Moon

Thomas Seifert

Andy Taylor

Joe Curia

Table of Contents

1. Modules
1.1. How do I install a module?
2. Troubleshooting
2.1. Why do I always end up at the top of a page when using the back button?
2.2. Help! I've deleted the admin user and can't log in!
2.3. Why do I get a database error about temporary tables when I search?
3. Features
3.1. Why do you show the number of messages and not the number of replies for a topic on the list page?
3.2. Does Phorum have avatars or user rankings like (insert UBB clone)?
3.3. Why do unregistered users not have new message indicators?
3.4. What are sticky topics?
3.5. Can I post announcements?
3.6. How do I stop spammers from signing up and posting on my forum?