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Phorum is a little different from the other web based message boards out there. It was designed to meet different needs of different web sites while not sacrificing performance or features.


Why choose Phorum?

High Performance

When interviewing Brian Moon, the founder of the Phorum project, Jay Pipes of says "The MySQL forums have grown substantially over the last year, and Phorum, the PHP software running the MySQL Forums, has kept pace with this growth admirably."


To satisfy the web master that needs every bell and whistle, or those that want to make their web site unique, the Phorum team created a very flexible hook & module system. These hooks allow a webmaster to create modules for using external authentication, altering message data before its stored, adding custom information about users or messages.

Phorum gives the web designers the power to rearrange the data in any shape, form or fashion. The templates are in pure HTML with simple to understand text commands embedded in them. You can use the provided templates as a starting point or start from scratch. The power is in your hands.


Phorum has some of the most passionate users and developers. First time users are often surprised at how quickly they get a quality response in our chat room or support forums.

Many of the most common modules like avatars, spam prevention and more have already been written by Phorum's developers or its knowledgble community of users.


Who else uses Phorum? looked all around the internet for software that fit their needs. They chose Phorum over all the others out there.

Lycos Europe has Phorum preloaded on their user's web sites for easy installation. is one of the largest free message board hosting sites in Europe. With tens of thousands of forums and users, it's important the sites stays fast. Phorum accomplishes this for them.

Presidencia de la Rep├║blica is the official web site of the President of Mexico. They trust Phorum for their message board. was ranked by PC World as the best bargain site and 24th overall best product in 2006. How do they choose to promote their community? They use Phorum for their message board.

Cruise-@ddicts, one of the top cruise community sites relies on Phorum to help keeps its thousands of users in touch with one another.